Happy First.

Being that I’m on an apparent blog strike, I haven’t shared a number of things. We have a lot of catching up to do, you and I. For now though, on my anniversary with my baby boy aka his first birthday, I thought I’d share one of the many things I haven’t shown on here – his birth announcements.┬áNow that he’s a year old, I think I have to stop using having a “newborn” as an excuse to not do things, like blogging. Please check back soon(ish) for more pictures of invitations and updates about the goings on in the studio.

I became a whole different person when I met him. I’m super emotional about him turning one – sad that my itty bitty baby is gone but so happy and proud of the little boy he’s becoming. I could go on and on (literally, I just wrote a 6 page letter to Asher about his first year) but for now I’ll just say that’s it’s been a heck of a year and I love him very much.

And my boy over the last year….

Day 1

1 Week

2 Weeks


1 Month


2 Months


3 Months

4 Months


5 Months


6 Months


7 Months


8 Months


9 Months


10 Months


11 Months

12 Months


Thanks for indulging me.

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