Summer Break

Wow – what a spring!

When I quit my day job in late October, my goal for 2012 was to secure and complete 12 wedding jobs in 2012. Here we are, 5 months in, and I’ve got 17 2012 weddings under my belt. Since I’m taking some time off in anticipation of our baby’s birth (4 days overdue now!), the spring felt like the time to push and do as much work as possible while I had the time. Some have been completely custom, some have been based on previous designs that I’ve done, and a couple I printed using a couple’s own design. I’m proud of all of the work that I’ve done and humbled that the requests came pouring in like they did. Because of my timeline, I had to turn many couples away, but am psyched to gear up again in full force after the summer. Thank you to all of the couples who have trusted me to design and/or print the invitations for their big day! Each one of you has contributed to my dream of self-employment and work-at-home motherhood. In the process, I learned a lot, made some mistakes, and got a better picture of what I want my working life to look like in the years to come.

So I’m taking some time off for a little while. I hope to continue to sell retail goods online during my time off, but the custom shop will be shutting down for the summer. I have some exciting ideas in the works for what Mink Letterpress will look like in the fall and 2013, including new retail products, a badass 2013 calendar, and a Wedding Collection. We’ve experienced a tremendous amount of growth in the last year, and I’m excited to continue to grow in the year to come. I don’t expect this to be easy with a newborn, but I am confident we’ll find a balance.

Here are a few shots of some of the weddings I’ve printed in 2012. I haven’t had a chance to shoot everything I’ve made yet, but I will follow up with complete posts and more pictures of the custom suites in the weeks and months to come.

Brook & Tim

Krystal & Kevin

Laura & Logan

Carmela & John

Melanie & Scott

Rebecca & Brad

I’ll be sure to broadcast when the littlest Mink arrives – any day now! Be looking forward to some seriously awesome birth announcements.

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